Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League Present: Sisters’ I’tikaf 2009

The annual ten-day spiritual gathering, I’tikaf, is about to begin during the holy month of Ramadan. A collective programme of spiritual training, it is organized by Minhaj ul Qur’an International, under the patronage of his eminence Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. Thousands of brothers and sisters observe I’tikaf seeking the pleasure and nearness of Allah and His Beloved Prophet (bleiings and peace be upon him). In addition to Zikr, voluntary acts of worship, Nasheed programmes and Durood gatherings the participants benefit extensively from training talks, lectures and sermons by Shaykh-ul-Islam especially chosen and prepared for the occasion. Equally important are their sittings with him that enthuse them spiritually, imbue them with ecstasy and fill them with overflowing sentiments of love and veneration for the Beloved Messenger of Allah. Since I’tikaf 2009 is approaching; Minhaj-ul-Qura’n Women League is busy making tremendous efforts to make this great event a success from the participants' point of view. Several sessions have been held to discuss a wide variety of matters related to I’tikaf. Initially the session of Working Committee (Majlis-e-Amila) was called to nominate / select the heads of different committees. Then duties were assigned to the heads. As thousands of the servants of Allah come to the city of I’tikaf they are facilitated, looked after and served by a considerably large panel of managers and workers carry out the enormous operation in terms of teams to ensure achieving the laid down objectives. Here are the teams constituted for various I’tikaf assignments decided by Majlis-e-Mala this year.

Central Committee

Head: Mr. Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz
Coordination Committee: Mr. Sajid Mahmood Bhatti, Ghulam Farid, Mr. Illyas Dogar, Mr. Sajid Hameed
Head Women I’tikaf: Mrs. Fatima Mash’hadi, Miss Sumaira Rafaqat Advocate
Vice Head: Miss Sajida Sadiq, Miss Fareeha Khan, Miss Saima Fayyaz
Secretary: Mrs. Shazia Shaheen
Deputy Secretary: Miss Marriam Hafeez
Members: Mrs. Farah Naz, Mrs. Rafia Ali, Mrs. Shameem Khan, Mrs. Mussarat Bashir, Mrs. Tayyaba Tahira, Mrs. Farida Sajjad
Incharge of all Halls


The central committee is responsible for supervision of the execution of Itikaaf duties by various committees, running the entire management and administrating all matters of I’tikaf 2009.


  1. Khadeeja Hall (Girls Hostel Building)
  2. Fatima Hall (Girls College Building)
  3. Ayesha Hall (Model School Building)

Apart from all these areas of accommodation, Sisters I’tikaf Camp has many washrooms; ablution (wudu) areas in addition to a very vast area allocated for the collective place for the purposes of prayers, lectures and Mahafil, as well as three canteens, a central control room, control rooms for each Hall, other administration places, a sales center and Hijaab House.

Khadeeja Hall

Responsibilities Ground Floor 1st Floor
Head Miss Tahira Firdous Mrs. Maroofa Naz

Fatima Hall

Responsibilities Ground Floor 1st Floor
Head Mrs. Nureed Fatima Miss Fiza Ali

Ayesha Hall

Responsibilities Ground Floor
Head Mrs. Abida Naseem

Committee for Organizational and Training Matters

Head Mrs. Fatima Mash’hadi
Vice Head: Miss. Sumaira Rafaqat, Mrs. Shazia Shaheen, Mrs. Rafia Ali.
Members: Miss Saima Fayyaz, Miss Sajida Sadiq, Miss Fareeha Khan, Mrs. Iffat Waheed, Miss Saima Sadiq, Miss Atteya Batool.


  • To arrange meetings with Tanzimaat and ensure that organizational structure is complete in the field and Tanzeemat are carrying out their assignments satisfactorily.
  • To select students for M.S.M
  • To motivate non-Tehreeki sisters to work in the field

Allotment Committee

Head: Mrs. Shazia Shabbier
Vice Head: Mrs. Shameem Khan


  • To allot rooms to Mu'takifaat
  • To provide separate rooms to Lecturers.
  • To announce the room heads and provide their data in control room.

Halaqajaat committee

Head: Miss Fareeha Khan
Vice Head: Miss Saima Siddique


  • To provide Syllabus to Lecturers
  • To arrange Halqajaat for Mutakifaat
  • To impart spiritual & moral training to sisters
  • To arrange workshops for Lecturers before I’tikaf 2009

Decoration Committee:

Head: Anila Illyas
Vice Head: Saima Fayyaz


  • To decorate Pindal & Stage.

Mehfil e Naat-o-Zikr Committee

Head: Mrs. Fareeda Sajjad
Vice Head: Miss Misbah Kabeer


  • To arrange Mahafil-e-Zikr-o-Naat.
  • To make sure the presence of all Mutakifaat in Mahafil-e-Naat-o-Zikr & during Shaykh-ul-Islam’s Lecture.

Salat-o-Sunnah Committee

Head: Mrs. Shazia Shaheen
Vice Head: Miss Atteya Batool


  • To train sisters on spiritual & moral basis

Reception Committee

Head: Miss Saima Fayyaz
Vice Head: Miss Tahira Firdous


  • To receive all Mutakifaat on 20th Ramadan
  • To guide Mutakifaat to the rooms allotted to them

Record Maintaining Committee

Head: Miss Kishwar Shaheen
Vice Head: Miss Sadaf Iqbal


  • To receive data of Mutakifaat from allotment committee till 22nd Ramadan
  • To get the data computerized
  • To provide data to training committee

Medical Aid Committee

Head: Miss Sajida Sadiq
Vice Head: Miss Kishwar Shaheen


  • To make sure the presence of doctors, ambulances and dispensaries 24hours a day

Sale center Committee

Head: Miss Sadaf Iqbal


  • To ensure the availability of Shaykh-ul-Islam’s books, CD’s & Audio Video Cassettes on Stalls
  • To follow the timings and close the stall during prayer timings and during lectures of Shaykh-ul-Islam.

Media Committee

Head: Mrs. Anila Dogar
Vice Head: Miss Sadaf Iqbal
Secretary: Mrs. Nureed Fatima


  • To ensure the coverage of I’tikaf in both print & electronic Media
  • To prepare daily report for Internet & Dukhtran-e-Islam.

VIP Committee

Head: Mrs. Farah Naz
Vice Head: Miss Sajida Sadiq
Members: Mrs. Fatima Mash’hadi, Miss Sumaira Rafaqat, Dr. Noshaba Hameed, Mrs. Ayesha Shabbier


  • To meet V.I.Ps and conduct their visit to I’tikaf Gah.
  • To give proper protocol to V.I.Ps

Security Committee

Head: Mrs. Asifa Safdar
Vice Head: Mrs. Samina Saleem


  • To ensure very strict security during I’tikaf
  • To prevent entrance of irrelevant people in I’tikaf Gah
  • To ensure the presence of lady police all the time
  • To check the luggage at entrance gates

Sound system Committee

Head: Mrs. Fouzia Shafeeq
Vice Head: Miss Shumaila Abbass.


  • Announcements during Sehri & Aftari
  • To check sound system & projectors

Control Room Committee:

Head: Fareeha Khan


  • To ensure presence of at least 2 people in control room
  • To listen to the problems faced by Mutakifaat
  • To forward complains to relevant committees

Salana Ijtimah Committee:

Head Internal Affairs: Mrs. Fatima Mash’hadi
Head External Affairs: Mrs. Farah Naz


  • To ensure the display of banners, lighting, charts & banners in I’tikaf Gah

Rabta-o-Mulakat Committee

Head: Miss Shazia Ghulam Qadir
Vice Head: Miss Irsa Kala Khan.


  • To inform the Mutakifaat about their visitors

Discipline Committee

Head: Sameeya Bibi


  • To ensure discipline in the whole I’tikaf Gah

Mess Committee

Male Coordinator: Touqeer Ahmad Qadri
Head: Miss Asma Manzoor


  • To ensure availability of cold water, Sehri & Iftari

Cleanliness Committee:

Head: Miss Javaira Hassan


  • To ensure the presence of staff for cleanliness of I’tikaf Gah
  • To appoint sweepers and provide them equipment

Canteen Committee:

Head: Shameem Khan
Vice Head: Kishwar Shaheen


  • To control rates & quality of eatables

Pindal Committee:

Head: Miss Ghulam Ayesha


  • To display flexes & banners in Pindal
  • To ensure the cleanliness of Pindal

Zakat Committee

Head: Dr. Noshaba Hameed
  • To collect Zakat & Fitrana and keep the data with receipts

Preparation of I’tikaf Gah Committee

Head: Mrs. Mussarat Bashir
Vice Head: Mrs. Anila Dogar
Secretary: Mrs. Shazia Shaheen
Members: Miss Sajida Sadiq, Miss Saima Fayyaz


  • To prepare I’tikaf Gah
  • To ensure sprays against diseases
  • To ensure proper functioning of sewerage system, electricity, water, fans, tents and coolers

There are also many more things related to I’tikaf 2009 such as cooks, sweepers, food distribution teams, drivers, ambulances, canteen members and hundreds of other sisters trying their best making the I’tikaf 2009 a success.

Halqa jaat

Many qualified teachers from all over Pakistan have been selected. to offer their special services to teach the I’tikaf syllabus to the participants. A special and specific syllabus has been formed by Minhaj-ul-Qur’an Women League for I’tikaf according to its requirements. The syllabus has been posted to sisters in the field all over Pakistan, to get them prepared fully for their lectures. This syllabus contained selected verses from Sura Yaseen and its interpretation, Hadith from Minhaj-us-Sawwi along with the interpretation and many other booklets have been formed regarding matters of prayer, fasting and daily matters.

Collective lectures

Five collective lectures will be given Insha’Allah to all women attemding Itikaaf on miscellaneous topics including Briefing about I’tikaf. The main purpose is to have the same effect and results from all.

Collective prayers

Tarawih Prayer and Tasbeeh Prayer will be offered collectively in I’tikaf. Tarawih prayer will be led by Imams from Minhaj Tehfiz-ul-Qur’an Institute. Tasbeeh prayer will be led by a Hafiza from Girls College.