Naat khawani a sure way to spread love in society: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

A Naat ceremony took place in the Itikaf City in connection with the odd night in which renowned Naat Khawan took part. Famed anchor of QTV Tasleem Ahmad Sabri conducted the proceedings of the programme in his characteristic style.

Syed Zohaib Masood, gifted as he is with melodious and sweet voice, had the honour of reciting a number of Naats, which were immensely appreciated by the residents of Itikaf City. He was followed by different Naat khawan who sang praises in the court of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The Naats composed by renowned poets Ahmad Ali Hakim and Sarwar Naqshbandi enlightened the hearts of the audience with the light of Prophetic love (SAW). The gathering reached its spiritual ecstasy when internationally known Naat khawan Shahbaz Qamar Faridi recited the Naat. The lovers of the Holy Prophet (SAW) were so engrossed in the proceedings that even the rain could not distract their attention.

Day Five of Itikaf City 2015by Minhaj-u-Quran International HD Photos

Posted by Minhaj-ul-Quran International [Official] on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In his speech to the audience before the start of Naat khawani, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri said that thought, deeds and love are directly associated with mind, physical organs and heart respectively, adding that the former are housed in the latter. He said that no deed, which is not informed by the love of the Holy Prophet (SAW), is acceptable. He said that essence of faith is love and the love revolves around the person of the Holy Prophet (SAW). He said that factors responsible for igniting love are excellence and beauty whether they are internal or external. He said that the Holy Prophet’s excellence and beauty was both internal and external, adding that he was the most beautiful of all and according to Sayyid Jabir (RA), the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) face radiated like sun. So far as the Prophet’s internal excellence and beauty is concerned, the words fail to describe his perfection in both. He said that Allah Almighty sent the Holy Prophet (SAW) to the world as the last prophet, and the prophet of mercy for the whole mankind. He said that the prophetic blessings on the humankind cannot be counted, adding that the Prophet (SAW) is the benefactor of entire humanity. He said that having a love for such a perfect paragon of beauty and excellence is a must, adding that Naat khawani revolves around the beauty of the Holy Prophet (SAW) persuading and attracting one’s heart to his love.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that expression of the attributes of the Holy Prophet (SAW) irrespective of whether it is in prose or verse format is Naat. He said that promotion of Naat khawani is the sure way to promote and spread love in the society, for Naat khawani is in fact the Sunna of Allah Almighty. He said that the revered name of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is reciting his Naat. He said that the word ‘Muhammad’ refers to a person who is always praised and eulogized.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that it is inevitable for each member of the Muslim community to have a multi-pronged relationship with the person of the Holy Prophet (SAW) including emotional, spiritual, and intellectual bond. He said that our morals, thoughts and deeds must be subject to the teachings of the Holy Prophet (SAW), adding that our heartbeats should also be strongly connected with the last Messenger of Allah (SAW).

Dr Qadri said that a companion who spends one moment in the company of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in a state of ‘Iman’ gets such blessings that those saints engaged in keeping fast and saying optional prayers for forty years cannot be equal to him. He said that there is no precondition of optional prayers, knowledge, worship and other attributes to become a companion. He said that one precondition is that one gets to spends one moment in the company of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in a state of ‘Iman’.