EAGERS Itikaf 2023

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EAGERS Itikaf has registered more than 300 kids, this year. These kids were entertained with different sessions and classes like Hadith and Fiqh Class, Nasheed segment, Hadra practice, Islam and Science session and much more. The little mu'takifs have actively participated in every activity and learnt alot, especially from the interactive sessions of Mrs. Fizzah Hussain Qadri, Ms. Durra-tuz-Zahra and Ms. Sukayna Hussain Qadri.

EAGERS Itikaf team has also conducted the interactive session of their field leaders with Ms. Durra-tuz-Zahra, where she has shared some tips and tricks for the result oriented working. EAGERS team has also initiated a unique activity, named "Star of the day", in which the most active and responding mu'takif was awarded with a badge of being star.

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