Khuda ko Kiyun Manein? awr Mazhab ko kiyun Apnaein? [Part 2]

Why Believe in God and Embrace Religion?

Speech No: Ca-13
Event: Itikaf 2024
Place: Itikaf City, Lahore
Category: Deen-o-Mazhab
Founding-leader of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, addressed thousands of participants at Itikaf City, speaking on the topic of "Why Believe in God? And Why Embrace Religion?" He stated that those who deny the existence of Allah are themselves misguided and suffer from mental and psychological disorders. He said that these elements, instead of being recipients of divine mercy, are spreading misguidance as deputies of Satan. Signs of Allah's existence are present everywhere in the universe; it only requires observant eyes and contemplative minds to recognize them, he said. Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri emphasized that the audience of Allah's pure Book, the Quran, are people of intellect and knowledge, not the ignorant. He mentioned that one of the signs of Allah's existence is the incident of Pharaoh, who drowned thousands of years ago, as narrated in the Quran. In 1958, a scientist named Dr. Maurice Bucaille conducted research on the body of Pharaoh mentioned in the Quran and confirmed that it was indeed the same Pharaoh who was mentioned in the Quran and who drowned. Dr. Qadri highlighted that during the International Wembley Conference organized by Minhaj-ul-Quran International in London in 1988, Dr. Maurice Bucaille, who researched Pharaoh's body, was also invited. He narrated Dr. Bucaille's acceptance of Islam after his research on Pharaoh's body and the scientific verification mentioned in the Quran. Shaykh-ul-Islam asserted that faith and guidance are for people of intellect and knowledge, while guidance is not bestowed upon the ignorant, arrogant, and those who deny Allah's existence due to psychological and mental weaknesses. He cited the example of Dr. Gary Miller, a renowned mathematician from Canada, who announced his acceptance of Islam after attempting to find errors in the Quran and realizing its coherence and divine nature. He reiterated that all the truths discovered by medical science and other branches of science over the past 1400 years have been preserved in the Quran by Allah. The MQI leader mentioned the Hadith stating that the human body is supported by 360 joints, which correlates with modern medical science. He urged all the participants to stand up and salute the Seal of the Prophets, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as a token of gratitude for being part of his Ummah. He emphasized that every member of the Muslim community should love the Quran, make their prayers a means of meeting Allah, beautify their worship, and eliminate distance from Allah.