Dua | Laylatul Qadr

Speech No: Fs-42
Event: Itikaf 2024
Place: Itikaf City, Lahore
Category: Laila tul Qadr
Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Power) is a very holy night. During this night, every prayer that is offered with a sincere heart and accompanied by tears is accepted and not turned down. Laylatul Qadr, also known as the Night of Power, is the night on which the Quran was revealed. The Holy Quran is a precious source of knowledge & a means for humans to gain awareness of Allah. It will serve as a guiding light for humanity until the Day of Resurrection. In sura al-Baqara, verse 186, Allah bestows a unique blessing upon His servants by referring to Himself seven times in the singular form, emphasizing His personal relationship with His creation. Individuals should continue to make supplication (dua) without any break or interruption in order to attain closeness to Allah. Dua, also known as supplication, serves as a way to approach and enter the presence of Allah. Rather than viewing prayer, or dua, from a personal perspective, consider prayer as a means of drawing closer to and being in the presence of the Almighty. The act of prayer, or dua, is a means of communicating with the Lord of the Throne. Even if one may not fully comprehend the benefits or effects of prayer, it is still an essential act of worship that should not be neglected. Prayer is a means by which a person can draw closer to Allah.